• Knipex strength-plier

    Knipex strength-plier

    For greater power transfer.

    • Knipex strength-plier for fixing and cutting tie wire for rebar.

    • The slim construction of the plier makes it possible to tie lower placed reinforcing bars.

    • Pivot point is placed further forward.

    • This results in a power savings of 25% compared with the standard Knipex plier.

    The strong attenuation of the recoil after cutting tie wire relieves the tendons and muscles.

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  • Knipex plier

    Knipex plier

    Knipex plier (280 mm) with plastic handles.

    • Knipex plier to fix and cut tie wire in one operation.

    • Ideal for placement of concrete reinforcement.

    • Also useful for other applications, such as pulling out nails, breaking of tiles or the cutting of iron wire

    • Unsurpassed precision and longevity.



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