Mega Cruise Pier II

1- Mega Cruise Pier II - Curaçao
2- Mega Cruise Pier II - Curaçao
3- Mega Cruise Pier II - Curaçao

BAM International, the operating company of Royal BAM Group active outside Europe, has won the contract to design and construct Mega Cruise Pier II in Curaçao. BAM International is a specialist near-shore product global constructor. The contract value amounts to US$29 million (€25 million). 

Betonstaal Curacao’s scope of work for the Mega Cruise Pier II at Otrabanda, Willemstad, comprises cutting, bending and the installation of the concrete reinforcement for the marine facilities, consisting of the almost 200-metre-long jetty, a 75-metre-long approach trestle and four mooring dolphins.

Curacao Ports Authority

BAM International