Courtyard by Marriott Hotel

1- Courtyard by Marriott
2- Courtyard by Marriott
3- Courtyard by Marriott

CMC Real Estate is realizing a 177 rooms and suites Courtyard by Marriott Hotel. The hotel will be located just opposite the cruise ship terminal and mega pier 1 and 2. The hotel will besides offering stunning views on the nearby cruise ships, offer it’s guest a large variety of room and suite types, a resort size pool, kids area, Jacuzzi and a Gym. In addition the hotel will feature a spacious lobby and business center with an international bistro restaurant and bar as well as a home theater. 

Betonstaal Curacao’s scope of work for the Courtyard by Marriott project comprises of cutting, bending, prefabrication of rebar cages and the on-site installation of the concrete reinforcement for the entire project.

CMC Real Estate